The Company

GS Microsystems (India) Private Limited is a company providing professional-level software outsourcing services, customized solutions, Web development, Web design, animators, full-featured online stores, Software development and Client server technology. We design, manage, build and maintain high quality solutions for a wide range of businesses and individuals. We have built our business by working with clients to ensure the solutions we develop are profitable for them.

At GS Microsystems we have young creative and talented team of IT professionals who can deliver the essence and touch of workmanship you need for your professional Website design project. The team over a period has evolved as a mature, updated and technically aware group of people. Having built up such a team we are now into real-time development of web services with adequate resources and expertise.

GS Microsystems understand the client needs before plunging into any project. We begin every assignment with a thorough and full understanding of your requirements and providing Web design that are visually stimulating, stunning animations, quick download, easy to navigate and help drive traffic to your website. GS Microsystems will then publish your website to highly reliable web servers and maintain it to keep it competitive and looking fresh.

Hello, we’re GS Microsytems

We know good design makes a difference

Offshore Development Centre

Offshore development center is based on a "partnership spirit" with a long-term view. The offshore development center acts as clients own extended development arm with a dedicated team is reserved exclusively for client's project. This team is trained in the client's domain and technology area. Further, a process manual is formulated which reflects the standards, workflow, processes and methodologies, which are adapted for the client's Offshore development center.

We partner with our clients to invest in replicating their IT environments, training our teams, setting up communication & security systems and integrating our development processes with theirs to ensure that the offshore team is an efficient and seamless extension of the client's development facilities.

Our Offshore Development Center uses a multi-dimensional approach, planned to support growth and technology advancement, ensures that the solutions we architect for our clients are built in a most productive and effective manner.

ODC Steps and Process

Outlined below are the typical steps and process for setting up an ODC for a seamless extension of your software and web development facilities:

Step 1:Team Identification

The setup activity begins with the hand picking of technical/domain experts and programmers with the required skills. Resumes are often shared with partner companies to ensure technical suitability and cultural/values alignment.

Step 2: Acclimatization of Client's processes

Once the core team is in place, application and systems knowledge are transferred with the coordination of client experts. This activity typically takes place at the client site or via an agreed protocol.

Step 3: Process Definition

A process methodology is defined and customized to meet client requirements. This is an important step in the process and one that UG places considerable emphasis on. This is where our experience and outsourcing knowledge provides us with a significant competitive advantage in the market place. Teams separated by time and space need to follow agreed procedures and processes to ensure the highest quality of deliverables. This methodology also includes agreement on a stringent SLA, checkpoints, protocols and review mechanisms to remove ambiguities in communications. Use of standards and tools is identified and incorporated as per client requirements.

Step 4: Offshore Environment

(a): Simulation

At GSM, the defined methodologies and processes are tested and fine-tuned, often with its core team working from the client's side for a brief period in a simulated offshore environment. The initial results and early deliveries are checked against the agreed norms for compliance. Should any variances or deviations be identified, the Service Level Agreement (SLA) is further refined. This cycle is continued until the requirements are met, confirmed and signed off.

(b): Infrastructure

As a sub-step to this activity, a seamless IT environment is created offshore with communications links to client facilities. Depending on the requirement the ODC team can be inducted at the offshore site

Step 5: Project Execution

The ODC is now ready to execute projects on behalf of the client organization.

This simple but effective 5 Step process ensures projects are delivered on time and on budget.

IT Staffing

Our strength lies in the strategy we apply in identifying IT professionals and establishing long term healthy relationships to build up our resource network. Our recruiting processes have been perfected to deliver access to talented and skilled technology professionals.

At GSM we are committed to provide you with the customer centric services that have transparency and are focused on long term relationship business. We have built up healthy relations with our clients, and strong sources which include both reactive and proactive approach accompanied with good referrals in IT field gives us an edge to locate talent required by you well within the timeframe.

Clients who take advantage of GSM's Staff Augmentation have experienced:

-- Quicker response to changing business needs by specific skill set and geography

-- Quicker response to changing market conditions with greater agility

-- Higher employee satisfaction as full time staff are able to focus on strategic initiatives

-- Ease in meeting their technical and business objectives

-- Quick and seamless access to the latest technology expertise

-- Lower employee turnover